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What is LoLSnitch?

LoLSnitch is an active League of Legends player search which any player can use to analyze a current game.

We predict your future, it is your choice to accept your fate, or rail against the odds.

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Monster Beast Strong Veteran Average Rookie Newb Elo Hell Scrub

Do you have a poor Snitch Rank? Please read below to find out why.



Ranks Explained

lolSnitch has a unique process to determine your rank. Do not be discouraged if you rank poorly, this algorithm takes many things into account. It is not a determination of your abilities as a player, but your abilities within the circumstances of the game being evaluated. A Monster in one game may end up being a Scrub in the next, it is all determined by specific weightings and judgements based on the liklihood of your success within the game being evaluated.

Using Your Edge

It is our goal at LoLSnitch to arm you with as much knowledge as possible in a short amount of time.  Our multi-faceted, live analysis evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each team in a League of Legends game.  It is up to you to use this information as you wish.  You could see their LVP(Least Valuable Player) as something to exploit, or you may find it more useful to shutdown the MVP(Most Valuable Player) on their team.  Similarly, if you find that you are the LVP on your team, it might be advisable to make sure you have more vision and play more cautiously.  If you are the MVP on your team, you may need to force your will and guide your team to victory.  These are only suggestions, you are open to do what you will with the information provided; however, this information in your arsenal will increase your awareness of team composition and should improve your judgement.


Please Be Aware

LoLSnitch analyzes multiple aspects of League of Legends and wraps them into a percentage advantage. No game is predetermined by stats, that is the reason we play League of Legends. However, a slight edge to one team over another can determine a likely winner. Just like a professional sports team with a proven record in their respective sport. Over time, the team with the statistical advantage usually ends up on top, however, upsets can happen, and the game would not be fun without them. Please keep in mind this tool cannot take into account the following which can skew the outcome of a game in a massive way:

a summoner having a bad day
a summoner disconnecting
a summoner getting a phone call mid game/distracted
a summoner raging or being raged at in chat
a summoner being fatigued

League of legends is a very skillful game, taking your mind off of it for a split second can alter the outcome of an entire game.


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